It’s a deal, Baby!

Bonn, February 13th 2020


So, here’s one of the things I can now finally shout at you:


Then there was cake. Both equally exciting!
What does that mean?
First of all – music! A new release is in the near future (another thing I still need to be painfully quiet about, but I promise more details will follow soon)!
Secondly – connections, exposure, gigs. Hoping for a few productive next steps. ­čÖé

More info soon, just needed to yell this into the internet void real quick!

Nothing but love.

– Clara

The picture for this post was taken by Fabian Siepen.

Let’s roll, 2020!

Bonn, January 6th 2020


My friends, a wild year has recently come to a close and an even wilder one is about to ensue – so I would like to take a moment to reflect and dare a look ahead:

In 2019, we directed and shot our first music video for the „Clara-Clasen“-project, I went on a small tour with another band (The current state of claustrophobia) for the first time, we were on TV (twice!) and on the radio (regularly!), the first 300 copies of „Sugar & Morphine“ sold out and we had to order a second pressing, I moved into my own small studio space, I proposed to Hozier several times via Instagram (still awaiting a response) and I played more than 52 live shows this year, which is more than I ever performed in a twelve month period. Many of those gigs were in places I had never played before and I am incredibly grateful that I got to travel so much for my music.
Personally, this year has been a wild ride for me and I have struggled quite a bit throughout the past months. But in hindsight I honestly think it has still made me the happiest I have ever been.
Which is why I would like to thank all of you for your ongoing support. It really means the world and makes all of this possible. We have some awesome stuff planned for 2020 and I cannot wait to share it with you.

While there are a few things that I cannot really talk about just yet, here are some appetizing bites of what could be expected this year:
– gigs, gigs and more gigs: I am currently working on this year’s (and next year’s) booking and there are many fun, mostly transregional concerts on the horizon; I’m even working on a certain interdisciplinary artsy event that I am so excited about I’m going to burst!
– New music! We will release new music! That’s all I can say, but GODDAMMIT WE WILL RELEASE NEW MUSIC
– There will be at least seven new videos this year! Two of them being actual music videos, the others being part of an awesome series… ­čÖé
– new songs are being written weekly at the moment; that may or may not result in certain consequences…

So much for my (very vaguely phrased) plans for the new year!
I hope 2020 has treated you kindly so far and you are being kind to yourselves in light of everything that is to come.

Nothing but love!

– Clara

The picture accompanying this post was taken by Ronny Bittner.

Sugar & Morphine 2.0 and some end-of-year fun

Bonn, November 7th 2019


So, here’s something cool: As of this past October, 300 physical copies of my album Sugar & Morphine have been sold. That seems absurd, but it’s true and I am SO EXCITED.
I received the second pressing a few days ago and while I am busy working on new material for the next record, this is a little highlight that I wanted to share with you real quick.

Also, if you want to celebrate with us, here’s a hot and absolutely unbiased event tip:

December 20th, 8 pm @ Brotfabrik Bonn
End-of-year concert with Get Jealous, COLORWAVE and Clara Clasen & Band

I kid you not, I have been planning this gig since the beginning of the year and I am so happy that COLORWAVE and Get Jealous agreed to join us on stage. They are so talented and so much fun live, so be there or be square, people! This is going to be FIRE. ÔŁĄ
You can get your tickets directly at the Brotfabrik or online via Bonnticket.

See you then?

Nothing but love.

– Clara

The picture was taken by Viola Bender.

Quick Sign of Life

Bonn, September 10th 2019


Friends, life is so wild right now.
In the past month I was on tour with the current state of claustrophobia, travelled to London for a (very) short trip, played a few shows with my band and by myself, wrote new songs and worked on the latest video projects, that are still in the pipeline around here.

So, sorry I didn’t call. I’ll try to be better about that.
But if you’d like to check out a more detailed tour diary and some other behind-the-scenes footage, you can head on over to my patreon page: Patreon.

I’m also part of the New.Heimat.Sounds-community now. They are a network of artists from the rhineland and support emerging bands and songwriters. If you want to take a look, this is their website: New. Heimat. Sounds.

Also also I am playing a bunch of shows in september. I’d love to see you live, so if you feel like coming over, check this out: Gigs

That’s it from me. For now.

Lots of love to you!

– Clara

P.S.: The picture was taken by the lovely Viola Bender.


Bonn, July 2nd 2019

Things are brewing at Casa Clasen.
There are some sweet video projects and some fresh songwriting bubbling under the surface as well as a BUNCH of gigs. Many of them are actually with the band, so you if you fancy a solid head bang, let me redirect you to the page with all of the information: Gigs
As a matter of fact, we are also currently perparing for a secret band project which I obviously cannot tell you about. But let’s say if you were one of my patrons, you would already know about it….
(Don’t know what a patron is? Oh, just the coolest people walking the earth. If you care to find out more, another shameless self-promoting link is coming straight your way: PATREON)
In other, solo-gig news: I will soon be touring for the first time! As in „seriously touring“. As in „eight-gigs-in-eight-cities-throughout-Germany-within-14-days-touring“. As in „we-will-actually-be-on-the-road-in-a-band-van-kind-of-touring“.
Who is we?
That would be my friends over at The Current State of Claustrophobia and me. Together, we will be playing a bunch of cities on the #raiseyourvoice-tour to support Kein Bock auf Nazis.They are committed to educating people about Neo-Nazis and fighting their propaganda. You can click the link to learn more and you can check both band pages for details about the gigs.
We would love to see you!

– Clara

(The picture in the background was taken by Ronny Bittner und Viola Bender.)

Exhibition – Behind the Scenes

Berlin, May 14th 2019

Here’s some behind the scenes footage of the development process for „Exhibition“. It goes along with a new podcast episode that you can find on my soundcloud page: PickApartist Episode 3: Exhibition.

Other than that: I’m in Berlin right now. I played three shows already and they were a lot less intimidating than I expected them to be. People here are really nice and some of them even sang along to my songs.┬á ÔŁĄ
I have one more gig scheduled for Thursday. Until then I will keep on soaking up the big city vibes and try to write some new music. After that I’ll be heading from Berlin straight to Neuwied on Friday for my next show. But you can read all about that in the┬áGIGS-section.┬á

See you soon!

– Clara