I’m Clara, nice to meet you.
This is my website. It’s where I share my music, my thoughts, videos, pictures, lyrics, gigs. All that. Check it out if you like.
As for myself  –  in German there is a word that seems very apt as a description: „Schreihals“. I guess you could translate it to something like „noisy brat“. I’m helplessly schreihalsy. Loud, stubborn, unfiltered. All ATTENTION ATTENTION. And here’s the worst part: I enjoy all of that.
I started writing my first „songs“ at the age of nine (in German and in a very, very dramatic fashion – I guess the last part didn’t change that much), taught myself to play the guitar at 13 and spent a lot of my time in different bands and on different stages, busking, writing, singing.
Like most musicians I always wanted to make my music my job. But also like many musicians I got scared. I finished school, went abroad for a year and when I came back I decided to go to college instead of pursuing my actual passion. Because, you know… societal expectations.

Don’t get me wrong. This entire story speaks of incredible priviledge and I am very aware of and grateful for that. Even more so since I am now in the position to try and actually make my music my job. To actually put it out there. To just do it.
I’d love for you to come along on this journey with me. Let’s make a fucking difference and share some realness.
Let’s see where it takes us.