Bonn, July 26th

So here’s something cool: I’ve joined the Patreon community!
What’s Patreon?
It’s a type of crowdfunding website that allows you to pledge a certain amount of money to a creator that you like each month. In exchange, you get access to all kinds of great stuff that this creator makes available to you.
In my case, you can choose from behind-the scenes-footage of the album production (and my life, haha), personalized postcards that I will send to you once a month, exclusive cover versions of songs that you choose, live-streamed private concerts and even songs written for you about a topic of your choice!
Here’s a little video about it:

Patreon Video

If you are interested in supporting me, here’s where you can do it:

Clara’s Patreon account

The cool thing about Patreon is that it’s a way to secure a predictable monthly income for artists while keeping their supporters involved in their creative work. I support a few creators myself, each for a little more than the cost of a cup of coffee, and I really like the things I am getting in return.
So if you consider supporting me – thanks a lot! It means the world.

– Clara

Bonn, June 13th


Here’s a little something I worked on recently – a title song for a book! A book about pirates, to be precise! Fucking pirates!
„Hilke und der Fluch der Weser-Wut“ is about Hilke, a little boy with curly hair and a love for reading. One day, he discovers an old book written about one of the most famous pirates of all time: Klaus Störtebekker. The story mentions a curse threatening the entire city of Bremen and Hilke soon understands that there might be more truth to this old tale than he initially thought…
But you know, no spoilers. You’ll have to read it yourself.
The book was written by Marco Dzebro and illustrated by Matthias Holländer. You can find the story, background information and my song „Home to You“ right here on the official website: Weserfluch
See you soon!

– Clara

Bonn, April 27th


So. I’ve overcome my laryngitis and was able to play a few shows in the past few weeks. I spent some time writing new music and working on existing songs in the studio and I am generally very hyped and happy about what’s to come. So stay tuned. 🙂

Also, we just released a music video with one of my band projects: The band is called Call Me Papa and our track „Doors“ can be found on YouTube, if you follow this link:

„Doors“ Music Video

Lastly, if you’d like to come to any of my next gigs I’ve added a few in the corresponding section on this site. It’d be so cool to see you there!

– Clara

Bonn, March 6th

So this is breaking my heart, but I’m still unable to sing. Unable to speak for longer periods of time, to be perfectly honest. So I had to cancel all shows for this week until (and including) the sunday gig in Bonn.
I am very sorry, but there’s no other way. I miss all of you already.

 – Clara

Bonn, February 22nd


This is me writing from my bed, tea and medicine within arm’s reach. I caught a bad laryngitis and the only reason I’m even writing this post is to let you know that I will not be able to play my upcoming show tomorrow.
It’s a bummer I can’t be part of the fun in Siegburg (and God knows I’d rather gig it out than zombie around like this). Still there are other great bands to perform and it’s worth heading over to the Kulturcafé.

Just as a heads-up. Hope to see y’all again soon!

– Clara

January 30th 2018


I added a brand new lyrics-section to the media on this page. The first song featured in there is Black Widow, a very personal and absurdly fun song considering the more than dark undertones. Or overtones. In-your-face-tones. You get it.

Let me know if you’d like to see any lyrics in particular. There are still a few stashed away in several of my drawers.

Digital fist bump.

– Clara

Bonn, January 24th 2018


Do you guys know song exploder?

It’s this incredibly cool podcast by  Hrishikesh Hirway. It features all kinds of musicians that explain the process of making a certain song of theirs, the intricacies of the lyrics, the instrumental and harmonic choices and how it all came together in the studio. I find this format fascinating, because it shows how every single artist or band has such a unique approach to composing, writing and producing. It’s food for thought, to say the least, and more often than not a lesson in productive creativity.

So… I was wondering.

I’d love to do something similar for my own songs, possibly as a short video series. As I am developing this new record of mine it could be fun to pick apart the different songs and talk about the musical and lyrical background and the initial ideas that resulted in writing the songs.

Care for a little feedback? Would you be interested in watching something like that? Let me know.

Also – if you want to check out the song exploder podcast, here’s a link to their website:

See ya’ll soon!

– Clara

P.S.: I added some fresh show dates for you lovelies in the GIGS category.



Bonn, January 17th 2018

Hello World,
it’s me. How lovely of you to come visit. How are you today? Anything that made you happy or sad this morning? Let’s talk.
I myself would like to share my journey with you. You don’t have to care or listen, I’ll put it out there and you decide if this means anything to you.
The first few steps of said journey have already been taken. I have felt, – and felt excessively -, I have sung, I have written for as long as I can remember.

I still do.

But there’s a lot more to this story and I want to explore as much of it as possible. With you. Maybe?
Let’s stay in touch.
– Clara