Bonn, August 13th

Wow, it’s really been eight months since I last updated this website? Yikes.
Apologies to everyone who thought I had bounced. I did the things (a bunch of things actually), I just didn’t feel like writing about them.

So maybe some cool news for a change?
THE NEW ALBUM IS ALMOST FINISHED. I am in the last stage of arranging the demos and we are scheduled to record the final versions in the studio this September. Admittedly, I am neck-deep in songwriting mode and slowly losing my ability to judge whether the songs are actually any good or not, but up until a week or two ago I was really excited about a lot of them. Fingers crossed I’m not editing them for the worse. (In German there’s a very good term for that – „verschlimmbessern“!)
I’m planning for a release in 2022, since I would like to take my time with shooting music videos and putting out singles before the „proper“ launch. I hope you guys are going to enjoy this record. If anything, a lot of hard work has gone into it making it up until now.

Also, there are a few new gig dates! You can find them in the corresponding section on this website (and there are more to follow, so maybe check in every now and again? 😏).

I would be so happy to catch you there!

Other than that, I hope you’re fine.

See you soon!

– Clara

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