Patreon revamped

Photo by Viola Bender

Bonn, November 9th 2020


So, here we go again.

We’re a week into the second „lockdown“ over here and everything feels… kind of bleak. Like we’ve been here before, but have lost our first-lockdown-motivation. The „oh-look-it’s-an-ACTUAL-apocalypse“-drive. Our „we’ll-make-this-work“-faces.
I say „we“ and I mean all of us, but the cultural sector and people working in the arts specifically. Recently, there’s a sense of hopelessness in the air when talking to artists, venue owners, sound engineers, light technicians, photographers, actors, etc., that is heartbreaking. But understandable.
And at the same time, I am so tired of feeling hopeless. I am tired of not knowing what to do and being in a bad mood about it. Tired of telling people about it.
I think most of us are ready for some optimism.

I am not sure I can provide you with that just yet, but I can offer you some feeling of community at least.
I have revamped my Patreon account to be a little easier to oversee and to present you with more rewards on each individual tier. And, and that is what I am most excited about – to include more community-based features.
I would like to invite my patrons to join me for an „art exchange“ group call once a month for example. That means that we’ll get together and chat about pieces of art (music, dance, theatre, paintings, performance art, photography, architecture, poetry, books, you name it) that inspired us recently. That way we get to enjoy a good dose of art and intellectual as well as emotional treats each month and, since times for the performing arts are getting increasingly difficult, we can do our part to celebrate and support them. I personally cannot wait to hear about your favourite works and I would love for as many people to join in on this as possible. ❤
If you’re interested and care for some more information, here’s a link:

Thank you for reading my rant and if you consider supporting me on Patreon, an even bigger thank you to you!

Lots of love. ❤


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