Let’s roll, 2020!

Bonn, January 6th 2020


My friends, a wild year has recently come to a close and an even wilder one is about to ensue – so I would like to take a moment to reflect and dare a look ahead:

In 2019, we directed and shot our first music video for the „Clara-Clasen“-project, I went on a small tour with another band (The current state of claustrophobia) for the first time, we were on TV (twice!) and on the radio (regularly!), the first 300 copies of „Sugar & Morphine“ sold out and we had to order a second pressing, I moved into my own small studio space, I proposed to Hozier several times via Instagram (still awaiting a response) and I played more than 52 live shows this year, which is more than I ever performed in a twelve month period. Many of those gigs were in places I had never played before and I am incredibly grateful that I got to travel so much for my music.
Personally, this year has been a wild ride for me and I have struggled quite a bit throughout the past months. But in hindsight I honestly think it has still made me the happiest I have ever been.
Which is why I would like to thank all of you for your ongoing support. It really means the world and makes all of this possible. We have some awesome stuff planned for 2020 and I cannot wait to share it with you.

While there are a few things that I cannot really talk about just yet, here are some appetizing bites of what could be expected this year:
– gigs, gigs and more gigs: I am currently working on this year’s (and next year’s) booking and there are many fun, mostly transregional concerts on the horizon; I’m even working on a certain interdisciplinary artsy event that I am so excited about I’m going to burst!
– New music! We will release new music! That’s all I can say, but GODDAMMIT WE WILL RELEASE NEW MUSIC
– There will be at least seven new videos this year! Two of them being actual music videos, the others being part of an awesome series… 🙂
– new songs are being written weekly at the moment; that may or may not result in certain consequences…

So much for my (very vaguely phrased) plans for the new year!
I hope 2020 has treated you kindly so far and you are being kind to yourselves in light of everything that is to come.

Nothing but love!

– Clara

The picture accompanying this post was taken by Ronny Bittner.

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