Bonn, July 2nd 2019

Things are brewing at Casa Clasen.
There are some sweet video projects and some fresh songwriting bubbling under the surface as well as a BUNCH of gigs. Many of them are actually with the band, so you if you fancy a solid head bang, let me redirect you to the page with all of the information: Gigs
As a matter of fact, we are also currently perparing for a secret band project which I obviously cannot tell you about. But let’s say if you were one of my patrons, you would already know about it….
(Don’t know what a patron is? Oh, just the coolest people walking the earth. If you care to find out more, another shameless self-promoting link is coming straight your way: PATREON)
In other, solo-gig news: I will soon be touring for the first time! As in „seriously touring“. As in „eight-gigs-in-eight-cities-throughout-Germany-within-14-days-touring“. As in „we-will-actually-be-on-the-road-in-a-band-van-kind-of-touring“.
Who is we?
That would be my friends over at The Current State of Claustrophobia and me. Together, we will be playing a bunch of cities on the #raiseyourvoice-tour to support Kein Bock auf Nazis.They are committed to educating people about Neo-Nazis and fighting their propaganda. You can click the link to learn more and you can check both band pages for details about the gigs.
We would love to see you!

– Clara

(The picture in the background was taken by Ronny Bittner und Viola Bender.)

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