Thank You, Next

Bonn, December 31st

2018, you have been quite the ride.
And as you are drawing to a close, I think a moment of gratitude is appropriate.
Thank you to each and everyone who bore with me while I tried to figure things out and to everyone who still supports me in doing so.
Thank you to everyone involved in the making of the album and the release: I would have had nothing to show for myself if it hadn’t been for all of the talented musicians, my producer, my friends, awesome performers, dancers, hands-on helpers, organizational wonders, the concert venue and the sound-and-light-guys, the BUSC, my family, my band, my boyfriend, people who talked or wrote about the release on the radio or in newspapers, on facebook, etc., anyone who gave their feedback and Lena who designed the album artwork. 
Thank you to my patrons for supporting me financially and emotionally on a regular basis. I am humbled by you spending your hard-earned money on me.
Thank you to whoever listens to my music. That is insane.
Thank you for letting me do what I love.
I’m wishing all of you the best for the coming year(s).

And now, off to new absurdities.
2018, you have not always been easy on me. But I am so happy you happened the way you did.
2019, get ready. I’m coming for you.

– Clara out

Photo by Ronny Bittner.

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