Bonn, June 13th


Here’s a little something I worked on recently – a title song for a book! A book about pirates, to be precise! Fucking pirates!
„Hilke und der Fluch der Weser-Wut“ is about Hilke, a little boy with curly hair and a love for reading. One day, he discovers an old book written about one of the most famous pirates of all time: Klaus Störtebekker. The story mentions a curse threatening the entire city of Bremen and Hilke soon understands that there might be more truth to this old tale than he initially thought…
But you know, no spoilers. You’ll have to read it yourself.
The book was written by Marco Dzebro and illustrated by Matthias Holländer. You can find the story, background information and my song „Home to You“ right here on the official website: Weserfluch
See you soon!

– Clara

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